Windows XP SP3 ISO Review

Windows XP SP3 Free Bootable ISO. This is the complete offline installer bootable image for Windows XP. the latest version of Windows XP service pack 3 for bot 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x32 bit) computer architecture. Getintopc is one of the best websites for free software, freeware, and shareware. Keep supporting us. Get the Windows XP SP3 iso bootable image now.

Windows XP SP3 ISO Bootable Overview

Many of the users still make use of Windows XP but most of them do not actually know how to get the things done in terms of it, installing it, using it, or troubleshooting it. The major fact, which irritates most users especially those with non-IT backgrounds, is its installation. You can also Windows XP Free for PC.

Now, the trends have changed significantly and changes have been made in users’ thinking. None of them like visiting the shops physically and purchase windows CDs or taking their PCs by themselves to the known experts. Now, technological advancements have made the things easier where online windows setups are available in iso formats and the latest of them include Windows XP SP3 iso bootable. Though many service packs are there available yet SP3 is the latest one and the most recommended one.


Understanding the terms ISO and Bootable Briefly

ISO files are archive files or disk images having the data written on an optical disk. ISO files are burnt using various software programs i.e. Nero, Windows burners, Power ISO, and lot more. The process of burning is very easy but you have to make sure that you eradicate all the data present on the media i.e. USB or optical disk beforehand because it will remove everything existing.

The other term i.e. bootable refers to the process, which boots your OS successfully. When you finish burning ISO, you change the boot order from BIOS and then you insert the media making your OS booting from your media having that ISO file. Please keep note that the terms seem same but have a difference in working where the term bootable is dependent on ISO as burning makes something bootable and the other one i.e. ISO files is itself bootable depending on the way it is burnt.

Making Windows XP SP3 iso bootable Media

Windows XP has already there service packs available but SP3 is the most used one. Its ISO bootable files are widely available all over the web and many have been made since its release and even after it’s vanished. Windows XP SP3 iso bootable files are easy to apply and use. Let us have quick look at the process you can adapt to perform the successful installation using this ISO bootable media.

  • Make sure you have backed up all your data and you are almost ready to set the things up. This is because the clean format is going to be performed and nothing you can recover back once removed.
  • Just restart the PC and insert bootable media.
  • Make sure to set boot priority keeping USB/CD as a first booting device. If you do not follow the same, ISO won’t boot and setup won’t start.Windows-XP-SP3-ISO
  • If all is set, ISO media will boot up and XP setup will start.
  • You can now format all partitions if you want and can now perform clean windows installation using the same media. You can only format primary drive i.e. C:/> or any of your case if you do not want to run FDISK i.e. format all disks method.
  • After performing installation, install needed drivers and you are good to go.
  • Do not keep the media inserted because XP does not start with media inside.
  • Change boot orders back to HARD DISK as first boot mode and that’s it.
  • You have now successfully installed Windows XP using Windows XP SP3 iso bootable

Windows XP SP3 Product Information:

  • Product Name: Windows XP SP3.
  • Category: Operating Systems.
  • Size: 500 MB.
  • System Requirements: 256 MB RAM, 566 Mhz Processor And 900 MB Disk Space.ISO file name: Windows_XP_Professional_SP3.iso.
  • Developer’s: Microsoft official.
  • License: Freeware.
  • Setup Compatibility: 32 bit / 64 bit

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