Windows XP Review

Windows XP had been the most used and famous windows in its era and unlike previous Windows versions i.e. windows 98 or older, it had gained significant importance. Windows XP free professional operating system was produced and developed successfully in 2001 and soon it became famous right after the successful release. Many users have successfully performed windows XP free right after its launch in the market for retail sales.

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Windows XP Pro Service Packs

Before discussing service packs of the product, we can have a brief idea of service packs. Service packs are cumulative packages and are considered as supersets of all updates released before. Like service pack 1 will be a superset of all previous updates, service pack 2 will be of service pack 1, and so on. These service packs for windows XP for free are in three versions right now i.e. 1, 2, and 3. First two packs are almost same with minor updates and fixes but the 3rd one is bit different and it needs SP1 as a pre-requisite.

Service Pack 1 (SP1) of Windows XP Free

The same was released in September 2002. The pack came with almost 300 small bug fixes and some of the security patches as compared to old releases. Few of the core features include support for USB 2.0, JVM, .Net Architecture support, and other technological support used by tablet PC editions of windows.

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Service Pack 2 (SP2)

SP2 was launched in August 2004. It came with some major bug fixes and added features to XP i.e. WPA encryptions, improved WI-FI support, popup blockers for IE6, and some of Bluetooth enhancement support. Few security modifications were also added in the same pack including firewall, data prevention, hardware support, raw sockets, and so on.

Service Pack 3 (S3)

The latest and fresh service pack introduced for XP is SP3. It was released in April 2008. Microsoft download centre made it finally available to customers with the inclusion of Windows Update feature. The feature of automatic updates also came in the same pack providing users with latest fresh updates for their systems. Few other features included black hole routers, support for SHA-2, network and data prevention, group policy features, credential security provider support, and much more. You may also like Windows 10 Gamer Edition 32/64 Bit Free Download [Updated 2018]

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Performing Windows XP free

windows XP sp3 full version has become very easy now. The old times have now gone when people would take their PCs to experts or in some markets to perform . Now, CDS in the market or ISO files online are widely available for doing this. Let us have a quick look at the steps below for the same.

  • Look for the mode you want to adapt to the windows. There are two major modes available i.e. By USB and by CD/DVD. Other options are also there like cloning or fast boot but you should avoid them as a beginner.
  • Look for Service pack you need i.e. 1, 2, and 3. Usually, 3 is recommended as its latest and has latest updates and features.
  • After step-1, any mode you choose, you will need ISO file. Have ISO file of XP in your system and burn it at your media. Burning can be done by using any software i.e. PowerISO or any.
  • Make sure that when you turn on any media, you need to format that media as burning removes all existing data on media.
  • Insert the media i.e. USB or CD/DVD in CPU and check the boot order in BIOS.
  • Access BIOS and make boot order as CD/USB as a first boot option
  • PC will start your booting using media you insert and setup will start
  • Format any existing OS in the system and make a fresh copy and follow all installation steps
  • Set Date, Time, Region, Password, Product Key, and other mandatory features needed.
  • Look for drivers because for Windows XP free, you need to install windows drivers’ i.e. audio, video, VGA, wireless, Ethernet, and others. This you can do by noting down the model number of your PC and them using any media i.e. USB or CD.
  • Now check model, name, and other hardware specs by typing dxdiag in the start menu in RUN
  • You are now done and windows XP free is now finished.
  • Now start using the same menu.

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Systems Requirements for Windows XP Free :

Before going to the full and final version of Windows XP latest you must check the System Requirements. Compare with your system’s specifications whether it meets the requirements or not.

  • RAM (Random Access Memory): 512MB
  • CPU: 1GHz
  • HDD Free Space: 5GB
  • Graphics Card: Optional

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