Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker Review

If you are a permanent computer user having a lot of recordings and publishing work and you are not familiar that how to record mouse clicks, mouse actions, and keystroke actions, then I’m here to bring this amazing easy-to-use and free software for you. Ghost mouse auto clicker will first automatically record your mouse movements and then allows you to repeat it anytime. Ghost mouse auto clicker is an amazing software program for automation of clicks and keystrokes on your computer.  This application will surely give rest to your figures by doing work automatically.

Ghost mouse auto clicker Overview

This is an easy and free tool that can help you in recording any movement that you want to repeat and watch again your activities. Ghost mouse is one of the most trusted and authentic apps available. The fantastic function of this tool is to help individual automatic auto type text. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

If you are getting bore by typing the same thing again and again, then you need to install auto clicker on your computer. Here are some of the fantastic functions of the Windows Script Macro Recording Software. Working with the ghost mouse auto clicker is very straight forward, just open the window and it will do your work naturally, even if you are away.

  • The tool allows you to record keyboard and mouse activities.
  • Get your work automatically done if you need to do it over and over.
  • Click on your desire color on the screen. You just need to type the color name.
  • Modify the actions that you’ve performed them in past.
  • Open any app, window or software when you are away.
  • It has some artificial intelligence features that record and automate your work according to your need.
  • It can help you in video games. In some of the video games, you can make gems by just self-clicking.

How to Use Ghost Mouse Recorder?

Most of the users want to know about how to use this tool. Here I will do the complete illustration of how to use this tiny script. The tool is not limited to only mouse related tasks but also perform keyboard keystroke auto recording. The ghost mouse app is completely updated and work as promised. You may also like Office 2013 here.

  • Ghost mouse from
  • Go to your computer search and find the app.ghost mouse auto clicker
  • Open it.
  • Click right to view other options.ghost mouse
  • Go to Macro Recorder. It has the ability to keep an aye on your work and record your where do you click on your computer. ghost mouse clicker
  • Another window will be open. Now click on start recording. Make sure to do only important things while you are mouse clicker
  • After you finish your work click on stop recording.
  • Now play the recording. You will see what you did during the recording. Now the mouse is completely automate and working according to your requirements.

Ghost mouse Interesting Features

  • The app allows you to automate the right button click of the mouse, left button click, double or single click easily.
  • After clicking the mouse the cursor will auto come to its position.
  • The app will help you to automate your work and will not let you bore to do your work again and again.
  • Make free gems in different games using ghost mouse auto clicker.
  • It will do your work as you prescribed to it.



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