Adobe Lightroom 2019 Review

All Adobe products are amazing especially adobe lightroom for free. These products help you become a digital graphics expert. If you love photography and like to play with the photos you take, enhance them or make them look good from the original, it is time to Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom free can solve all your photo editing problems. It is a tool that you can use for all kinds of images. It is one of the best RAW converters that you will find. So, if you want to enhance and manipulate the photos that you take, you should get hands on the Adobe Lightroom. It has all the features that will make your photo more attractive, beautiful and aspiring. You can install it for both Windows and MAC and both 32 and 64-bit versions of these OS.

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Adobe Lightroom Full version Overview

The Adobe Lightroom is an image editing software to enhance the photos. It does provide not only basic photo editing but also has many other features. If you want to create a photo album, it has that functionality. It provides non-destructive image editing. It means that the original file does not change. With Lightroom, you can create amazing effects on your photos. You can make hundreds of adjustments to your images. It gives better control over your images. It is a simple yet powerful editor. You won’t find any pencils in this software. You can input almost all kinds of images to this tool. Besides importing hundreds of image formats, it also accepts RAW image files. With the Adobe Lightroom free , you will not need any other software for photo editing.

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You may also need InDesign CC Portable OR Illustrator Portable

With adobe lightroom, you can import all kinds of RAW files and then can edit it in a matter of seconds. Noise reduction is another one of the hottest feature that this software offers to you for removing the amount of noise from a specific image. With the noise reduction tool you can also use the art noise reduction technology. All of your images can now exported in different file formats. All of them can be exported in the form of ZIP or RAR format.

Features of Adobe Lightroom for 32/64 Bit:

  • It provides support for RAW files.
  • Adobe Lightroom free  provides a non-destructive environment. Now It means that the original file will stay safe and it will apply all the changes to the file and save it with another name.   
  • It has the best noise reduction. The tool uses state of the art noise reduction technology to give you natural-looking results from your ISO images.
  • Pre-installed developer presets that you can apply to any image/photo.
  • Lightroom CC 2018 has an excellent seamless Photoshop integration.
  • Adobe Lightroom has an advanced grayscale feature. Now It gives you eight colour channels when you convert a photo to grayscale.
  • It has a video slideshows feature that allows you to combine the still images and save them in a video format. You can play these videos on any device.
  • Lightroom allows you to categorise your photos based on faces. It has an amazing face-recognition feature. Once you select a face from one photo, it will search all the photos for similar face and group them.
  • There are sliders to adjust the dark and the lightest parts of your photo.
  • It supports Apple TV. Now you can share your Lightroom photos over Apple TV.

Using Adobe Lightroom Full Version :

Once you get Adobe Lightroom free , you will have access to all its features. It is an amazing tool that allows you to enhance your photos. You can easily access all the features available in the tool. With a few Lightroom tutorials, you can become a master of photography. Lightroom is one of the best photo enhancement tools which is easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

adobe lightroom cc 2018 download

You can enhance your image using sliders and brushes. These sliders will enhance the dark and light areas of your photo. The brushes will allow you to edit the filter’s mask. With these brushes, you can add or remove filter effects. With the Advanced healing brush option, you can now make unwanted scenes disappear. It provides creative profiles and RAW profiles, which are a starting point for photo editing. The Lightroom is an intelligent tool. It processes images and photos according to their shade, colour and type. Gain access to all these features and be a professional photo editor with Adobe Lightroom free .


System Requirements for Adobe Lightroom Full version :

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • CPU: Core 2 Duo or Higher
  • HDD Free Space: 1.5 GB

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