Adobe Character Animator 2019 Review

Adobe provides numerous tools for graphic designing, animation and editing. One such tool is the Character Animator. It is an excellent tool for both beginners and experts to create powerful 2D animations. If you want to animate a character, image or anything graphic, you can use this tool. It is excellent software which will satisfy all your 2D animation needs. You need to create characters in Illustrator or Photoshop and then animate them using the character animator CC. Using the webcam and the microphone you can now create powerful animations. Get the Adobe Character Animator and start creating top quality animations.

adobe character animator

Overview of Adobe Character Animator Full Version:

The Adobe Character Animator is an application which you can use to create 2D animations. It is available as a standalone application and is also available with Adobe After Effects CC. You can create both live and non-live animation using this product. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X systems. Adobe Character Animator is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit versions of the OS. The latest version release was in April 2018. With the latest Adobe character animator , you can create mind-blowing animations. You can add various effects and sounds to your animation using this tool. It has all the features which you need to create an animation. The product uses or imports the layered Photoshop documents into puppets. These puppets have behaviours for animation. You may also want to Windows XP SP3 ISO Now OR Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

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With the new version of adobe character animator, the speed control of a specific character is increased and now you have better control over the speed controls. The Touch displays and screen options are some of the coolest features which increase the interaction of the character during the animation process. Now strange features is the output feature of video and animation files. Now you don’t have to use the Adobe Encoder CC 2019 for exporting the animation recordings and all that stuff.

Best Features of Adobe Character Animator Free:

  • It has the feature that allows you to trigger expressions with the Keyboard. You can adjust the keyboard to trigger actions such as blink, line, wrinkle, etc.
  • It has an automatic lip-syncing feature.  With this feature, the tool automatically syncs the movements of your mouth and put it on the character. You need t speak on the microphone, and it will mimic the audio on the character.
  • It also supports touch displays. You can use it on touchscreens to animate your character using your fingertips.  
  • You do not need to use media encoder to output the animation in a video format. This tool allows you to export the media files in all Adobe Media Encoder supported formats.
  • It has hundreds of behaviours that you can apply to your characters.
  • You can now create live animations. The animations you create will show live on YouTube or Facebook.
  • It also supports MIDI device control. Now you can control your puppets using a MIDI device and not just a keyboard or a mouse.
  • It has a countdown record feature. Ensures that your character is in the proper position before you start recording. It has a three-second built-in countdown.
  • Adobe character animator also has a keyboard shortcut editor. Now you can view and edit shortcuts to suit your animation project  

Using the character animator:

To start creating an animation, you will first need the characters. You have to create characters in Photoshop or illustrator. Then you need to import them into this tool. Import is just easy as in all other Adobe products. When you import a character into a “puppet”, it will have many behaviours. You can apply various behaviours on a character. Then you need to place the puppet into the scene panel to see the result of the behaviour you applied on it. It also has a timeline panel. You can view and adjust the timing of the animation using this panel.

Once you create a scene, you can export it to a sequence of PNG files. You can also output the animation in any video format that Adobe Media Encoder supports. It also allows you to broadcast the video/animation you create live on various channels such as YouTube or Facebook. Adobe Character Animator is available and has all the features in it.

System Requirements for Adobe Character Animator CC 2019

  • RAM: 1GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • HDD Free Space: 2GB
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4

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