Adobe Photoshop CS5 Review

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free is an upgrade to the CS4. Photoshop CS5 32/64 Bit has all the features which were present in the CS4 and a few more which make your life as a graphic designer easy. Adobe has always been providing excellent features to its new versions. Adobe CS5 Free is another excellent example of it. The Photoshop CS5 will provide you all the features you need to be a professional designer.

adobe photoshop cs5

You can Adobe Photoshop CS5 or get it as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 5 design premium, web premium, master collection and production premium. The Adobe CS5 is available for both Mac and Windows OS. It also runs for both 32 and 64-bit versions of the OS. Get your Photoshop CS5 for free and get started. It is a complete package which allows you to create logos, banners, flyers, brochures, web pages, images, etc. It also is an excellent tool to edit images and photos.

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Overview

The Adobe Photoshop CS5 is for those designers who want to push themselves and do something creative. It helps push the boundaries of digital imaging to the next level. With the latest features and enhancements in the CS5, there is no limit. With the Adobe CS5, you can perform every editing and design task that you can think. It has powerful new features and a stunning 3D artwork section.

Artwork is simply amazing in the latest version of CS5 because the Adobe company has included enormous kinds of new features and tools which increases all of your productivity of selecting the best graphics for designs the best art. Its a great news for all the artists, who were using other graphics design tools before, now than can get all in one tool in CS5 Latest version. Furthermore, you can enjoy the latest pen tools and brush tools which again makes the productivity level more than any other version of this software.

Features of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free :

  • It supports Camera RAW 6. Now you can remove noise, and add various effects to your image without any compromise in detail.  The lens correction in this new version is better and automated. It supports more than 275 camera models.
  • It has new and advanced selection technology. The edge detection is of the next level which allows you to create different edge types and then extract the image.
  • With the help of content aware fill, you can add or remove the items from your images without a problem.
  • It also provides HDR Pro for creativity and precision with the next-gen de-ghosting system
  • It has more and advanced painting effects. Now you can create stunning painting effects or apply these effects to an existing image
  • The puppet warp feature is amazing and allows you to push and pull elements within an image.
  • Lens correction in this CS5 Photoshop is amazing. It automatically corrects chromatic aberration, geometric distortion, and vignetting.
  • It has an easier interface with Live Workspace and Workspace Switcher.
  • It provides faster performance with the 64-bit architecture.
  • It has a custom panel which you can customise to gain access to key sources

Using Adobe Photoshop CS5 x86/x64 Bit

Adobe pays special attention to easier interface with this Photoshop CS5 . This version is easier to use. You can easily increase productivity by creating dedicated tasks workspaces. It also saves all the changes you make to a task-specific workspace.  

Another thing that this version introduces is the custom panels. Besides providing shortcuts, you can also create custom panels. Now you can place the key resources within your reach using the Configuration 2.0-panel utility

This version of Adobe Photoshop is also very fast. It delivers an excellent cross-platform 54-bit support. With this support, you can perform any task at least ten times faster than 32-bit version. It means that now you can meet your deadlines on time. Get Photoshop CS5 to for both Mac and Windows and start designing. It is an excellent tool not only to edit images but also for those who want to be professional designers. Adobe Photoshop CS5 is an excellent took for web designers. You can get it separately or also as part of Adobe Creative Solution Master Collection. You can Photoshop CC 32/64 Bit  OR GET Photoshop 7.0 FREE

System Requirements for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free Version:

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • Free HD Space: at least 10 GB

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