Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 Review

Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 is unfastened to for Windows 32bit or 64bit. It is the first gear bundle for editing and growing textual content statistics documents. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 package comes up with tools like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access and so forth. You may also like Microsoft Office 2003

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Overview of Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016

It is the world’s maximum dominant workplace percent with a package deal of first-rate equipment. Microsoft office has a brilliant set of functions like facts, safety, and authentication to maintain your data secure and at ease. Microsoft Office Pro Plus has no competition till now. It is taken into consideration as the satisfactory office suite for home and workplace; either you are a student, full-time employee, or a businessman. In Office 2016, Microsoft has delivered greater merchandise i.e. Sway for the mild content material creation and Delve into agency statistics aggregator. Office 2016 Portable and Office 2013 Portable here.

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The cloud cooperation encourages sharing documents online to create a collaborative workstation for your data. Microsoft Excel now has other useful and finer stage of calculations. A new seek area in the band is also integrated in all the office apps which ask for your actual want. It can look for a field, or maybe an entire help subject matter depends on what you want like in Microsoft Office 2010 Free.

A new maxim is a brand blanketed in Office 2016 with the prediction of what you need. For Touchscreens, you can write equations by handwriting and Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 will do the rest for you. With its cloud upload Center, you may share your information to the cloud quickly. All you want is to log into your Microsoft account for more superior capabilities available in Office 2016. If you are a workplace 365 subscriber, you will get monthly updates for your Office suite.

For Microsoft Word users, real-time collaboration functions have changed the complete state of affairs for the documents. Now you may share the files immediately. In Word 2016, two humans can see paintings on the same report simultaneously, which are no longer possible now in Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016.

Some new features like the handwriting detection is now fully supported by the latest version. Handwriting means, whatever you have typed on the paper.  Simply scan the paper and you are good to go with the nice feature to transform all of your handwriting to the digital form. Its functionality is like the OCR scanner, which can transform your hard form of writing to the digital form. Now the online storage  capabilities makes the software more richer in storing all of your documents in the online cloud drive. It may be the One Drive or Google Drive, whichever you prefer, simple to set it up.

Features of Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office has a lot of capabilities earlier than the discharge of Office 2016. But, Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 package has something more than that.

  • Handwriting detection
  • Enhanced Office 365 cloud capabilities
  • Advanced search in the ribbon
  • Real-time collaboration function
  • More than one person can make paintings concurrently on a single report
  • Enterprise records aggregator
  • Better cloud aid with One Drive
  • New superior search for Windows 10
  • Consistent interface for all the structures i.e. for computers, mobiles, and drugs.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 

  • Processor Speed: a Minimum 1GHz processor
  • RAM (Installed Memory): Minimum 2GB
  • Free Space on Hard Drive: Minimum 3GB for Installation (Required more for files, cache and temporary documents)
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800 Pixels
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or above (Windows eight/8.1/10 for better overall performance)

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