CPU Z Portable Review

CPU Z Portable Version can be for free from getintopc, available for both Windows 32bit and 64bit. This is the Standalone and Portable Version of CPU Z which don’t need any installation at all. CPU Z Portable 2018 latest version is compatible with any Windows Operating Systems Like Windows 8/10 etc. The Complete Setup of CPU Z for pc and android is given at the end of this amazing review.


cpu z portable

CPU Z Portable Review:

CPU Z for MAC or windows is one of the best tools to judge and monitor the inner workings of your computer. You can measure what is the current situation of the system, by analysis and calculation suggested by the CPU Z online portable. Of course, there is no alternative of CPU Z which can perfectly give you the data of the system’s interior.

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While Playing and installing the game you first check the status of your System, that how’s the performance of CPU and RAM. How many Threads are currently being used in the current processes running in the background? Now this way, avid gamers, and users who generally put a strain on their systems can carefully supervise the capacities of their computers.

There is no such big systems requirements for the software cpu z portable free to be installed on your PC or Mac system. Overall you have to fulfill the basic requirements of at least 1GB RAM and a Good CPU for the software to be run successfully and smoothly like Adobe Photoshop Portable Free.  And as we know this is a portable product, the tool does not require any installation so don’t worry about the Installation tension.

For Running Portable CPU Z on your system the Windows registry entries remain unchanged. Moreover, you can directly run it from a removable drive, like if you have a Flash Drive and you can carry it with you anywhere. The User Interface of CPU Z for Android and PC are enhanced from the previous version. Now there are some new additions to the menu items. Click the help option if you have any issues with the software of not running properly.

Now CPU Z for pc filehippo offering you an overview of the CPU that what is actually happening inside your PC or Motherboard. You can easily read and analyze the caches of your CPU as well. Calculate the Perfect data of Cache 1, Cache 2 and Cache 3 as well. You can also analyze the memory, SPD, and graphics of the system as well. Some users are likely to get lost in the details because they are so much that you will be satisfied.

While opening and analyzing the data in the CPU section you can view data displayed on the processors and RAM as well. You can view the processor name and every other necessary specification which are considered as the necessary ones like in Microsoft Office 2010 Free . The clock can also be measured in very detail manner like core speed and bus speed can be judged very easily.

There are several options in the CPU Z portable latest version 2019. Some of them are related to the processor and some are related to the Mainboard also. Like in the mainboard option you can see the useful information regarding the motherboard. Manufacturer name and model can be judged very easily in the Software like Windows 10 Gamer Edition.

Export in TXT:

One of the amazing features of CPU Z is that you can easily export the TXT file information to the HTML file information for further usage and collect the several data. You can collect the data related to the GPU as well. Like anything their cores, their cores speed, internal temperature, and performance.


Some Amazing new features of CPU Z Portable 2019 Latest Version:

  • The User Interface is enhanced.
  • Several new options are added.
  • New Tabs are included.
  • Mainboard Tab contains some new options and features as well.
  • The Performance of Software is increased.
  • Speed is enhanced.
  • Check the real-time details.
  • Check the temperature and cores information.
  • Portable Version.

Lots of other CPU Z Portable features are present which are hidden and you have to explore them yourselves. Some nice changes has been done to the main menu and new items are added. Get in touch with this software to know the internal happenings in the system.

Systems Requirements Information for CPU Z Portable:

  • CPU: 1GHZ Recommended.
  • RAM: 1GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • HDD Free Space: 200MB

[tip]Disclaimer – Getintoapc do not Provide any crack, patches, serial numbers or keygen activation for CPUZ Portable.  Getintoapc provides Freeware and Free Trails[/tip]


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