Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 Review

Adobe has always been at its best to provide tools for media needs. One such tool like Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 which you can use to create, edit and convert audio and videos is Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015. It has many features, but the 2015 release saw a huge change in its features.

adobe media encoder cc 2015

It is an excellent encoder which you can use to satisfy your media conversion needs. There are some features which the latest versions of encoder do not have. You can always the 2015 versions which have those features such as QuickTime, etc. With the Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015, you can process all kinds of audio and video files and also output them in hundreds of formats. You may also want to Adobe Photoshop Portable.  OR Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 64 Bit

Overview of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015:

Adobe Media Encoder is available in many versions. The 2015 version has many features which were not present in the previous versions of the encoder. You can get free Adobe Media Encoder CC for both Mac and Windows OS. It also works for both 32 and 64-bit versos of OS. The purpose of this encoder is to compress the files to a smaller size without disturbing the quality of the video. When you compress a video using any other tool, it will lower the quality of video to a large extent. The Adobe Encoder CC 2019 is an excellent tool which compresses the media files so that you will get almost the same quality as the original video. It also compresses the videos so that you can view them on various devices.

adobe media encoder cc 2015 download

Features of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015

  • It has a Time-Turner feature which reduces the duration of the media you convert by removing the still image sections. It also automatically removes the sections which have a low visual activity.
  • It has a Dolby Digital Output. This feature allows you to create or output content which you can use on the big screen such as home theatres, or the web. It supports both Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus.
  • It also has the support for JPEG 2000 MXF.
  • It comes with the latest and improved creative cloud publishing
  • It also has a new Set Start Timecode feature. With this, you can assign the customised starting timecode for your conversions and exports.
  • It has the latest QuickTime channelisation.
  • Includes an improved ProRes Decoder (This feature is only available for Mac OS)
  • It also has a QuickTime rewrap which allows transcoding your source material (i.e. MXF-wrapped source) to QuickTime.
  • New and improved user interface preferences
  • This version has better logic to input a sequence of images

adobe media encoder cc download 2015

Using the Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015

Using the Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 is quite easy. The interface is almost similar to the previous versions. This version comes with better and improved enhancements in the UI. You will find that all the options, menus and buttons are easy to access. Starting a new project is easy. Saving a file and using the latest features is all easy on this version. With the help of tutorials of this tool, you can become an expert at encoding in no time. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 is for both beginners and experts.

You can now easily use the latest features in this version. You can use the Time Turner feature from export settings within the Effects tab. It also allows you to change the media duration by adjusting the percentage duration change.  

The QuickTime channelisation is an excellent feature in this version of Adobe Encoder CC. With this feature, you can export multiple audio output configurations in a single file. Now managing multiple output audio files is very easy. It also supports stereo and 5.1 channels.

System Requirements for Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or Later
  • HDD Free Space: at least 4 GB

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