Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 Review

Adobe products are all well known for graphics manipulation. Adobe offers many products for video editing and enhancement. One of those products is the Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014. It is one of the best versions of the Media Encoder and has many updates and bug fixes from its previous versions. If you are looking for some fast processing video conversion tool, the Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 is the best choice you have. It will convert, compress and transcode your videos in no time. The 2014 version is also available for both Windows and MAC OS. It will run on both 32 and 64-bit versions of these OS. You can also use this tool for both audio and video files.

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Overview of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 For Free: 

Adobe’s Media Encoder has many versions. You can Adobe Media Encoder free and get access to all these features. this media converter requires you to get Adobe Create Cloud. The media encoder as the name suggests encodes both audio and video files. It also helps you create videos and output them in hundreds of formats. You can input images, videos and audio files and output them in a playable content for any device. You can optimise the videos for any resolution according to your output screen. It is an efficient tool which you can use for your day to day video tasks. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 and start creating and editing videos like a professional.

adobe media encoder cc 2014

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Audio formats and video formats can be changed with the help of adobe media encoder and you can simply switch all of your media files into other files. Now it supports hundred of other file formats in which you can import and export all of your final product. In the previous version, these exporting file formats were not available at all. Broadcasting is one of the coolest feature available in the latest version, through which you can broadcast any video at any time. You can even schedule the broadcasting time and date.

Features of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 ISO x64:

  • Now you can input all audio formats, video and animation formats. You can also input all kinds of still images, to create a video.
  • It supports hundreds of video output formats so that you can play on any device
  • This version also has accelerated hardware GPU rendering for fast processing
  • You can broadcast your videos using the Media Encoder’s AS 11 functionality
  • It has new YouTube encoding presets. These preset allow you to encode videos for YouTube. There is also a new preset for 4K resolution.
  • This version also has an improved DCP colour calibration. It helps you to create a video with matching colour and saturation and also adds more detail to the darker areas.  
  • It provides 4K support in H.264 for all frames and sizes.
  • It also has Touchscreen support for devices such as Microsoft Surface and also provides latest HiDPI support
  • It provides fault-tolerant rendering.  
  • You can now set different parameters for videos
  • Using this encoder, you can set the bit-rate encoding.
  • You can now and install this as a standalone application on your desktop. Previously it was available with Adobe Premiere. It saves time and space.

Using the Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 for x86:

Using the new Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 has an interactive interface. It uses state of the art technology to process videos and renders the GPU for optimum performance. Using the tool is easy. With the help of free tutorials, you can learn how to use it. You can be a professional video editor in no time. The encoder also has many features such as presets, which you can use to output video for any device with any resolution. Another interesting thing that this encoder does is that it changes the video settings of the source file as you encode. It uses the Match Source Presets to make changes in the source video.

Creating a video and resizing is a child’s play using this encoder. You can also directly publish your videos to YouTube or Vimeo. You can also publish your videos to the creative cloud.

Systems Requirements for Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 Version:

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