Adobe Bridge CC 2019 Review

Adobe provides some essential products for managing digital assets. One of those products is Adobe Bridge CC Free 2019. It is an excellent tool that you can to manage your Photoshop photos. In fact, it allows you to manage and organise the entire collection of images you create or edit on Photoshop. It is also not limited to just the photos; it is for every product that Adobe offers. You can use the Adobe Bridge to manage files from all apps available in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

You can manage videos and images both. All you need is to Adobe Bridge CC Full For Windows 7,8,10. Once you Adobe Bridge CC 2019, you will have access to all its features. It is an excellent file browser, and a perfect file management system for your digital files. It is also available for both Windows and Mac OS. You can also install it on both 32 and 64-bit versions of these OS. With this, you will have access to all your digital files in one place. As the name tells, it bridges the applications’ files in one place. Management of digital feels that you create using Adobe’s products has never been easy, but with Adobe Bridge, you can manage all at one place.

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Adobe Bridge CC Free 2019 Overview:

This tool is for photographers, graphic artists who want to manage their assets efficiently. Besides providing an interface to manage and organize files Adobe Bridge CC also has many other features. It helps to upload the files to Adobe Stock; it also imports files from mobile devices and cameras. You can also get Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable OR Adobe Photoshop CC Free

For Displaying the file names in the windows menu you can switch to the menu option. Several new templates are available which makes it more easy for you to choose all the templates. Templates are in different formats which are new in designs. Make sure that you can choose the right template which matches your designs. Add the overlay effects in the images as well in the video files. Some nice collections of new overlay effects makes the process more easy for you.

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Features of Adobe Bridge CC For PC Windows 7:

  • The latest 2017 version of Adobe Bridge CC includes an extensive filter panel.
  • It manages all the content from Adobe Creative Cloud. You can manage assets from all the apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. which are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • It provides thumbnails of the photos within a folder. You can customise these thumbnails. It displays more information about the images such as dimensions, pixels, copyright info, date created, right below the thumbnail. It saves time because you do not have to ask for these attributes.
  • The Image review mode feature helps you to sort an entire range of images. With this feature, you can sort and keep the images you want and drop the ones you do not want on the list.
  • When you Adobe Bridge CC, you will see that it has the support for CEP extensions, i.e. common extensions platform. You can now create and run/open HTML and CSS extensions in the new version of Adobe Bridge CC.
  • It also has a feature that allows you to publish assets to the Adobe Portfolio. The publishing panel also allows you to publish the assets to Adobe Stock.
  • It has a new workspace “Output”. With this feature, you can create PDF contact sheet of your Adobe assets.
  • It also has an improved scrolling experience.

Using Adobe Bridge CC Free Version :

Adobe Bridge CC and get access to all its features. It has an excellent and intuitive interface. With a few tutorials, you can become a master of using this tool. Now the management of your assets is not difficult at all. The latest filter feature allows you search assets photos by file type, name, and rating and even camera settings. The list of filter criteria is huge. It is a huge help for those who wish to search files rapidly. It is an excellent file management system. You can easily add keywords and copyright information to an image. Adding and rating labels in Adobe Bridge is very easy. Adobe Bridge CC to get access to all these features and manage all your digital assets in one place.


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